Why Choose UpROAR Leadership Academy

UpROAR Leadership Academy (ULA) is a free public charter school for grades 5-12. We nurture and educate the whole child and provide a challenging college-preparatory curriculum that includes honors and advanced placement classes. 


We empower our co-ed ‘cadets’ through educational excellence. Our rigorous and challenging curriculum is taught by North Carolina licensed instructors who use technology to ensure our students are prepared to meet a progressive future. 


Every cadet participates in local service projects to understand the meaning of giving back to our community. We also offer a sports program, fine arts, music and theatrical skill development. Each day, we help our cadets develop a strong character foundation which includes our core values: 


  • Honor

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Leadership


UpROAR educates our cadets to be leaders by concentrating on high academic standards as well as life skills. Our cadets succeed in our seven core competencies: 


  • Academics

  • Vocational

  • life skills

  • Healthy Living

  • Physical Fitness

  • Service Projects

  • Productive Citizens


UpROAR Leadership Academy focuses on the development of the whole cadet; we include academic excellence, character building, leadership, and personal growth in every school day together. We provide every ULA cadet with a safe place to receive the guidance and support they need to be successful.


UpROAR Leadership Academy develops the leaders of tomorrow within a structured environment; focused on character development, high academic standards and post-secondary readiness. We teach the importance of sitting up straight and looking others in the eyes  -- ​alongside our daily affirmations reminding every cadet how special, valued and important they are.