Tiger Clubs


Scholars get the chance to interact in a social setting with their peers, while also learning skills to build their character.



Scholars get the chance to explore and create different arts and crafts.



Scholars will learn about journalism, the profession of writing for newspapers, magazines, news websites, or preparing news to be broadcasted.



Scholars get a chance to discover music from a variety of different genres & learn the background behind them. Scholars will also be given the opportunity to create their own style of music. 



Scholars get the chance to learn about different exercises---while having fun!


Scholars will develop leadership and teamwork skills by playing sports.



Scholars will explore the arts of poetry & spoken word, while also expressing themselves through writing and performing poetry, spoken word, and rap.


Scholars will learn how to play a variety of card-playing games that are popular in American culture: Spades, Pity Pat, Trash Can, Spoons, etc. 


After being voted into office by their peers, the members of the Student Council enhance their leadership abilities, citizenship skills, and demonstrate responsibility by taking an active role in their student government, as well as activities, including the majority of ULA fundraisers. These students are considered "model" students and apply that privilege to their everyday lives.  The Student Council is the governing body of the students at UpROAR Leadership Academy and has a threefold purpose: To help students become more aware of the role they play in the community; to better the conditions of the school, both among the students and about the school; to raise funds for various student activities.


In Yearbook Club, we design, promote, and sell the ULA Yearbook. Assisted by teachers, students use an online computer program to create pages, and are also primarily responsible for taking the pictures that will end up in the yearbook. Our main goals are to capture the atmosphere of UpROAR Leadership and include every student's picture in the book. Yearbook club will help reinforce writing and social skills. It requires a great deal of writing and time, but it is a positive experience.


The ULA Math Club is made up of students who exhibit a love for and a proficiency in mathematics. After several months of coaching, students will have the chance to compete individually and as teams. Our goal this year is to compete in at least one contests MATHCOUNTS. 

The Competition Series has 4 levels of competition—school, chapter, state and national. Each level of competition is comprised of 4 rounds—Sprint, Target, Team and Countdown Round. Altogether the rounds are designed to take about 3 hours to complete.


  • Sprint Round: focuses on speed and accuracy. Students have 40 minutes to complete 30 math problems without a calculator.

  • Target Round: focuses on problem-solving and mathematical reasoning. Students receive 4 pairs of problems and have 6 minutes to complete each pair, assuming the use of a calculator.

  • Team Round: focuses on problem-solving and collaboration. Students have 20 minutes to complete 10 math problems, assuming the use of a calculator. Only the 4 students on a school's team can take this round officially.

  • Countdown Round: focuses on speed and accuracy. Students have a maximum of 45 seconds per problem without a calculator. This round is optional at the school, chapter and state level.