Transformative Learning Experiences

At UpROAR Academy, our ‘Teach like a Champion’ model enables us to hold every staffer, student and parent compassionately accountable. That means we are in high touch with our families -- including parent-teacher conferences every three months. We send home weekly progress reports, maintain an open and accommodating rapport with families and ask parents for valuable 360 feedback via our surveys.

Since 2005, The Teach Like a Champion Team, part of Uncommon Schools, has tracked the actions of compelling teachers. This transformative work established a set of techniques, a shared vocabulary, and a framework of practice for teachers and administrators around the world (Teach Like a Champion). UpROAR utilizes and incorporates these teachings to enable our staff to best support every unique ULA student. We believe in every Tiger and Tigerette student at our 5th-12th grade school and we unwaveringly support their potential to the fullest!

Growing In and Out of the Classroom

​The transformative learning experiences at UpROAR Leadership Academy are designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. Established in 2017, UpROAR Leadership Academy reflects the vibrant energy of our Charlotte hometown. Our passionate and skilled team members are here to help our students make an impact on the world.

UpROAR showcases our emphasis on educating future leaders by concentrating on high academic standards as well as life skills. Our culture is joyful -- and carefully based on the structure of a military leadership environment to ensure that our cadets succeed in our seven core competencies: academics, vocational, life skills, healthy living, physical fitness, service projects, and as productive citizens.

Powerful Student Learning

As a 5-12th grade public school, we focus on all the ways we can enable powerful student learning. Our aim is to provide our UpROAR youth with the guidance and support they need to be successful. It is our vision that we, as a public middle and high school, open educational doors to empower our cadets through academic and life skill excellence.

Here is what we value and model for our students every day:

Discipline: the willingness to do what is required regardless of personal mood or feeling.

Integrity: a strict observance of the honor code and its standard of conduct, whether someone is watching or not.

Courage: showing a mental and moral strength to undertake, continue, and withstand fear or difficulty.

Honor: having a keen sense of ethical conduct, where one’s word or signature is truthful

Commitment: an agreement, pledge, or promise to do something and seeing it through

Structured and Joyful School Environment

We enthusiastically develop the leaders of tomorrow within our structured school environment to enable our students for bright futures. We focus on character development, high academic standards and post-secondary readiness. We teach the importance of sitting up straight and looking others in the eyes -- ​alongside our daily affirmations reminding every cadet how special, valued and important they are. Find out more about UpROAR. Enrolling grades 5-8, tuition-free, today!

About UpROAR Leadership Academy

UpROAR Leadership Academy focuses on the development of the whole cadet; we include academic excellence, character building, leadership, and personal growth in every school day together. We provide every ULA cadet in grades 5-12 with a safe and joyful place to receive the guidance and support they need to be successful. Enrolling NOW in grades 5-8!

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