Top 10 Reasons to Attend UpRoar Leadership Academy

At UpROAR Leadership Academy (ULA) we enable learning experiences for our scholars -- in and out of the classroom. Our passionate and skilled team members are here to help every one of our scholars make an impact on the world. Here are 10 reasons to choose ULA:

1. Established in 2017, UpROAR Leadership Academy is located in Charlotte and reflects the vibrant energy of our area. Our 5th & 6th graders learn together in one section of our school building and our 7th and 8th graders enjoy a separate hallway. We come together and begin our days with breakfast and morning announcements where we recite our school creed and prepare for the day ahead at our small, close-knit school. Our 9-12th graders join their education online.

2. We empower our scholars through educational excellence. Our rigorous and challenging curriculum is taught by North Carolina licensed instructors who use technology to ensure our scholars are prepared for their exciting and progressive future. Our transformative learning experiences ignite academic passions, help to build character, foster leadership skills and inform an ethic for educational excellence.

3. UpROAR educates our scholars to be leaders by concentrating on high academic standards as well as life skills. Our scholars succeed in our seven core competencies:

  • Academics

  • Vocational

  • Life Skills

  • Healthy Living

  • Physical Fitness

  • Service Projects

  • Productive Citizens

4. We maintain high levels of contact with our families and caregivers. Our parent-teacher conferences occur three times a year in November, February and April. We regularly reach out with text messages, emails and weekly progress reports -- so there are never any surprises about academics and school successes. We even survey our parents for their valued feedback -- we are truly partners in our journey to educate every ULA scholar.

5. ULA focuses on the development of the whole scholar and personal growth during our school days together. Our scholars know they matter -- because we affirm it every day. We chant together words like “I am somebody!” and “I believe in myself!”.

6. Every scholar participates in local service projects to understand the meaning of giving back to our community. We also offer a sports program, 1:1 technology, fine arts, music and theatrical skill development. Each day, we help our scholars develop a strong character foundation which includes our core values:

  • Honor

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Leadership

7. The concept for UpROAR Leadership Academy came about from the work of our Founder and Executive Director Genesia Newsome. In 2010, while serving in Afghanistan, UpROAR Leadership Academy was forged out of a desire and passion to serve and give all scholars a chance at success. This concept evolved into UpROAR Leadership Academy.

8. Our school creed is “in the face of adversity, never give up.” Our scholars know they can keep moving forward, push through and reset for the day if needed. ULA’s tuition-free public school scholars thrive with a variety of hands-on experiences like project-based learning, field trip curriculum immersion and many special learning opportunities throughout the school year.

9. Our elective learning experiences are varied and vital. Our 8th graders visit college campuses. Our 5th and 6th graders choose electives like art -- including art history, fashion

design and photography. Our 7th and 8th graders choose from career explorations and culinary classes, plus introduction to Architecture, Audio, Technology and Health careers.

10. Hear us ROAR! UpRoar’s Tigers and Tigerettes are basketball players, golfers and cheerleaders. We also offer activities like Yearbook, Student Council, Math Club and Web Design. We have fun together during our pep rallies and Field Day, spirit weeks and school wide community service projects. Enrolling co-ed scholars ready for exciting futures -- tuition-free -- today. Join us!

About UpROAR Leadership Academy

UpROAR Leadership Academy focuses on the development of the whole scholar; we include academic excellence, character building, leadership, and personal growth in every school day together. We provide every ULA scholars in grades 5-12 with a safe and joyful place to receive the guidance and support they need to be successful. Enrolling NOW in grades 5-8!

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