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Updated: Aug 2, 2021

UpROAR Leadership Academy (ULA) provides the highest standard of education to our middle and high school students in grades 5-12. Currently enrolling for virtual and in-person learning for grades 5-8, our ULA students can choose to attend our high-quality virtual academy for free. The many benefits of online learning for public school include:

  • Inclusive of everyone

  • Accessible for all

  • Strong community and connection with classmates and peers

  • Global perspectives

  • Savvy technical experiences

  • Feedback & engagement with faculty is consistent & quick

  • Flexibility and comfort abound

  • Independence and creativity flourish

  • Tuition-free!

In collaboration with Edmentum, our staff comprises highly-qualified, state-certified professionals who are dedicated to individualized learning; focusing on each ULA students’ strengths and weaknesses. Edmentum is known for their engaging curriculum, research-based assessments for learning, and quality educational services.

Online learning for middle and high school has been proven to allow for each student to engage in self-paced learning, student-centered curriculum and to use their preferred learning style.

UpROAR Leadership Virtual Academy offers scholars:

  • Highly-qualified, state-certified teachers

  • Flexible program options

  • Accreditation by AdvanceED

  • Quality standards-aligned content

  • Engaging Curriculum

  • Personalized learning opportunities that diversify instruction

  • Collaboration with instructors and fellow peers

Our upcoming 2021-2022 school year includes 400+ core, elective and advanced learning opportunities. Our NCAA core courses are aligned to both state and national standards. And just like our in-person learning, our virtual academy students receive the same wraparound support, social emotional learning, opportunities for enrichment and deeper understanding. In-person and virtual academy at ULA means targeted curriculum from engaged, effective and dynamic instructors, committed to knowing each one of our beloved ULA Virtual Academy students.

We are currently enrolling 5-8 for virtual and in-person classes! Virtual Academy enrollment is ready for your student. Apply now! We can’t wait to see you!

About UpROAR

UpROAR Leadership Academy focuses on the development of the whole cadet; we include academic excellence, character building, leadership, and personal growth in every school day together. We provide every ULA cadet in grades 5-12 with a safe and joyful place to receive the guidance and support they need to be successful.Enrolling NOW in grades 5-8!

Our high school scholars worked on their collaboration and communication skills via small group-based learning. The task was to create houses with limited supplies and time -- doing more with less and with an eye on the clock!

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