Honor Code: 3 Ways We Shine Together

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

UpROAR Leadership Academy (ULA) empowers our scholars through educational excellence. We develop leaders of tomorrow within a structured, joyful environment focused on character development, high academic standards, and post-secondary readiness.

One of the ways we best articulate and celebrate our expectations is through our honor code. ULA embodies a spirit of mutual trust and intellectual honesty -- central to the very nature of our school. We aim to share these values among every member of our academic community. Here are three ways we shine together with honor:

1. CONFIDENCE: including fairness and integrity

Fairness: Every ULA scholar can experience an academic environment that is free from injustice, bias, or favoritism caused by any form of intellectual dishonesty. Fairness, or impartiality, is expected from our instructors and staff as they deal with each other, the students and every stakeholder.

Integrity: The commitment to consistently doing what is right directly contributes to the effectiveness of the learning environment.​ Every member of our school community demonstrates a commitment to academic honesty and to our quest for authentic leadership through learning. In addition, we elevate integrity to create an honest, open and safe academic environment.

UpROAR Leadership Academy and students outside with masks

2. DISCIPLINE: including loyalty and responsibility

Loyalty: ​Loyalty is looking out for the best interest of those you come in contact with. Believing in and devoting yourself to completing all tasks and goals assigned to you is one example of our loyalty. Loyalty is also completing tasks that advance peers, instructors, or ULA at large. Loyalty is looking out for the best interest of those around you.

Responsibility ​is putting your best effort forward to prepare and complete academic tasks. Taking ownership for one’s actions and accepting the consequences.

UpROAR Leadership Academy and students in motion with tennis ball

3. RESPECT: academic honesty and selfless service

Academic Honesty ​is demonstrated by students when the ideas and publications of others are properly cited. Our scholars do not provide unauthorized assistance to others but do report their research or accomplishments clearly and accurately.

Selfless Service ​is the commitment to going further, enduring longer, and recognizing what you can do to help ensure that you and your team are successful all around. It is exercised for the benefit of others despite discomfort or inconvenience to oneself.

Our goal with our UpROAR Leadership Academy’s Honor Code is to communicate the meaning and importance of intellectual honesty to all students of our school. We maintain the highest standards of conduct in academic affairs with structure and joy.

About UpROAR Leadership Academy

UpROAR Leadership Academy focuses on the development of the whole scholar; we include academic excellence, character building, leadership, and personal growth in every school day together. We provide every ULA student in grades 5-12 with a safe and joyful place to receive the guidance and support they need to be successful. Enrolling NOW in grades 5-8!

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