High School Excel Program

The ULA EXCEL Programs are honorable opportunities at the middle and high school levels from which cadets earn the prestige of being the academic leaders at the Academy.


In high school, this opportunity looks like Advanced Placement core & elective courses and occupational elective opportunities that count towards community service hours on their graduation transcript or offer wages. High school EXCELlers also have the chance to take college courses on or off campus with their own transportation, as well as first priority among their peers for extracurricular activities to include clubs, athletics, and community initiatives.


There is an application and interview process to be inducted to the ULA Excel Program. Applicants must meet the following criteria and provide proof of the following:


  • 3.5 GPA in all classes

  • 95% attendance record for semester prior

  • 3 - educator recommendations

  • 2 - personal character references

  • Completed EXCEL application

  • 3 - page proposal about intended contributions to society




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