Cadet Leadership

Academic Acceleration: Improve academic achievement levels. 

Physical Fitness: Demonstrate a general knowledge of physical fitness concepts and participate in physical fitness training and performance. 

Leadership: Willingly comply with established rules, regulations and procedures, perform basic military customs and courtesies, perform basic military facing and marching movements, define and recognize leadership skills, traits, dimensions and components, employ leadership skills while performing in a leadership position, maintain personal living area, and function as an effective team member.


Health and Hygiene: Maintain personal care by employing appropriate methods and practices. 

Life Skills: Understand personal finance, demonstrate basic savings and checking account management, demonstrate how to prepare and manage a personal budget, recognize various emotions and stressors, identify coping strategies, recognize conflict resolution strategies, and set and achieve goals. 

Responsible Citizenship: Become familiar with the rights, privileges, and obligations of citizenship.  




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