UpROAR focuses with each student to enhance their Academic, Behavioral, and Professional future. We encourage critical thinking, practical application and appreciation through blended learning. This well balanced, in depth approach to education ensures every students gains the tools necessary to be a success in our fast-paced and ever changing world.


Platforms/Delivery: Pearson & Paideia
Focus: Real-world Application; Speaking & Listening

Pearson is a global leader in virtual learning for both K-12, postsecondary, and occupational instruction. Our cadets will be able to prepare for the world after high school, on whichever path they choose, with the confidence that the content they were provided is relevant and applicable to their goals.

Paideia will solidify the content provided by Pearson through its focus on coaching (not lecturing), project development, and the Socratic Seminar to encourage the sharing of ideas and revision of imperfections to academic principles.


Platforms/Delivery: Military-Inspired / Cadre Commandant
Focus: Teaching vs Expecting Appropriate Behavior

UpROAR holds cadets to high standards within the school and the community. Behavioral expectations are just as vital to success as academic expectations and should be taught just as explicitly. We do not assume that cadets will act appropriately based on basic human expectations. Instead, we show cadets what classroom, school house, and community behavior looks like, then set the expectation.


Platforms/Delivery: Community Partnerships
Focus: Cadet Work Experience & Occupational Prep

Cadets will complete workshops, internships, and attend seminars with community businesses and leaders to gain work and entrepreneurial experience prior to leaving the secondary academic setting. All professional activities will be recorded and maintained in a portfolio for cadets to take with them into the world as proof of experience upon graduation.