UpROAR Leadership Academy’s mission 
is to develop leaders of tomorrow within 
a structured quasi-military environment.



Defining the Mission

Envisioned while serving our country in Afghanistan by two of the founding board members, the mission of UpROAR Leadership Academy showcases our emphasis on educating cadets to be leaders by concentrating on high academic standards and life skills. Our culture is built on the structure of a quasi-military environment to ensure that our cadets succeed in our seven core competencies: academics, vocational, life skills, healthy living and physical fitness, community service and productive citizens.


Thank you for your interest in UpROAR Leadership Academy! At UpROAR Leadership Academy, we believe that a truly valuable education consists of exceptional academics and much more. That is the reason why UpROAR Leadership Academy is more than a school. At UpROAR Leadership, your cadet will receive outstanding instructions in the classroom but will also develop confidence through our military tradition, and participate in athletics and community service to become a well-rounded leader that our community and nation’s future requires and needs.


Enrolling your child at UpROAR Leadership Academy may well prove to be the turning point of their life. Our admissions team is delighted to work with you and your family to share more on how our unique approach to academics, character education and campus life create an environment in which young men and women can grow to their full potential.

Parents and Cadets Will Thrive Here, Because:

  • We build youth with the highest character, self-confidence, honor and integrity.
  • We maintain a structured environment tailored to the unique needs and learning style of cadets.
  • We emphasizes academic achievements and study habits to prepare cadets for a competitive college and/or a productive career path.

A Day at UpROAR


We are so excited to begin our 2017/2018 school year. Brand new photos and descriptions of a typical day at UpROAR will be posted as soon as school opens!