Get Ready to ROAR!

Founded in 2015, UpROAR Leadership Academy is a charter school in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, that provides a quasi-military tradition for young men and women in grades 5th-8th.

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Parent and Family Engagement Plan

The goal of this parent and family engagement plan is to support in a more consistent and effective manner those things already in practice as well as to generate new ways of strengthening the partnership between school and home.

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Building Character

We offer the structure and values of a military school along with outstanding academics and character building. Our exclusive combination of programs gives our cadets a foundation for lifelong success.

Our Mission

Emphasis on Participation

Participation in physical fitness in an integral part of a healthy day. In late afternoon each day, our campus is transformed into an Olympic Center. Every cadet is involved in some sort of physical fitness training every day. Cadets at UpROAR Leadership Academy have many activities to choose from such as: Interscholastic Athletics, Strength and Conditioning, and Physical Training. Our goal is to provide the most fun, rewarding, and inclusive experience possible for all of our cadets.

Campus Life